What is Hosting?
Hosting a domain name means giving it a home on the internet. All domain names must be hosted on a server which looks after any internet transactions to do with the domain.
Do I have to have my Domain name hosted?
Yes. It is an international requirement when registering a domain name to provide the details of an active server which is set up to host the domain.
I want to use Microsoft FrontPage to develop my site. Do I need an NT server?
No. Microsoft Front Page 98 or 2000 are web design packages and the code they output is in the main standard HTML code which will run on any web server. There are special additional functions, known as "Front Page extensions", which make it easier for the user to include interactive items, like visitor response forms, on their web site. Our servers support this feature. This however, still uses the Linux operating system; there is no need to use Windows NT.
What hosting options are there?
You will find the full list on our hosting plans page.
What should I do if I need your hosting Services ?
Just choose any of our hosting plan and sign up for it.
Do you accept International clients?
Yes, We already have some International clients.
How long does it takes to setup my domain ?
After receiving your payment, The domain is setup within 24 Hours.
What If I need more Web space or Email accounts ?
You may consider upgrading your package or can buy additional webspace or email accounts.
Can i use my account for commercial Purpose?
Yes, You can use your account for Commerical purpose.
Can I subdivide and resell my domain space ?
Yes, You may create, unlimited directories in your domain and can give hosting to others.
Do you offer technical Support ?
Yes, We offer 24 hours technical Support through Email and Six days support through Phone.
Can I have a forwarding Domain ?
Yes, We can give you a service of forwarding domain. In which you can forward your domain to any web address. For more details regarding this, Please email us.
Can I access my domain without the "www" in front?
Yes you can access your domain without "www"
Do you maintain backups of my data?
Yes, We do maintain backup of data once a month, However we not provide any gurantee for the backup.
Can I transfer a existing domain to your servers?
Yes, you may transfer any domain on our server.
Can I use Cgi-Scripts on your server?
Yes, we provide you with your own Cgi-Bin to run scripts, no extra charges.
Can I get shell (telnet) access to my site?
What is Shared Web Hosting?
With shared hosting, one server's resources are used by several customers. Therefore, the cost of maintaining a large Web server is split by several users, saving you money each month. Our shared service provides the highest levels of performance in a shared configuration.
Can I have additional mailboxes for my office members
Yes you can have as many mailboxes as you need.
How long does it take to get my account activated?
Accounts are activated within 24 hours of the time the request is received.
Are there any set-up fees?
There is a one-time set-up fee to establish your hosting or reseller account. Once you have the account, there are no set-up fees to upgrade or add additional domains or features.
What if I want to upgrade my account?
It's easy!  You can upgrade at any time.
Do I have to put your banner ads on my site?
No. Your site is yours to do with what you want.