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Software Development


GUI Software for your needs


At Swami's Sofact you can get software for your needs.
Tell us your requirement and our programmers will give fast, efficient and User friendly software.

Software List ( With Visual Basic)
gui software web developing 32 bit windows software developing 1 Internet Explorer Add-On which makes search easy ( for 170 search engines)
2 Site Downloader
3 Learn & Edit DHTML Editor
4 Post Office Agent
5 Color picker,mixer, Blender and screen capture(Full or region)  with Image compressor
6 A Desktop Browser LODEX
7 Programmer's Assistant
8 IQBank ( Speech driven question test bank)
9 Pop Email checker
10 Telephone directory with dialer
11 Search & Replace
12 Email Killer, Deletes Unwanted pop3 emails (very fast)
13 One-2-One Chat, Fast Instant chatting
14 Hi Fidelity Voice Recorder, Records and compress audio to MP3, Good For Voice Mail
15 ENABLE, This enables some hidden buttons (Windows App.), convert password field into normal text clicks the disabled buttons etc......
16  PDF Text Extractor
........... and many more

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