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What is a domain name ?
Domain names are the familiar, easy to remember names for computers on the Internet. They correspond to a series of numbers called Internet Protocol numbers (IP address) that serve as routing addresses on the Internet. Domain names are used generally as a convenient way of  locating information and reaching others on the Internet.
What is Domain Parking?
If you want to register a domain name, but don't need to use it yet, you can park the domain on our servers. This protects and reserves the domain name for future use.
Parking means that we host the domain, but dont make it available as a web site, or set up any email processing for the domain.
How do I register my domain name  ?
We can register domain for you
What is an IP address?
Every computer on the Internet has a numeric address called IP Address that is used to identify the location of the computer.
What is a DNS?
DNS stands for "Domain Name Server". It translates domain names into IP addresses that computers understand. For example, if someone wants to access website the DNS will translate the domain into the IP address, which will allow the computer to locate sofact web server.
What is a URL? 
It stands for Universal Resource Locator. Some people refer to it as a web address. An example of a URL is Please note that a URL is a unique identifier. No two websites can have the same URL. This is the reason why you should register your domain name before someone else does.
What is a Registrant?
The entity, organization, or individual listed as the owner of the domain name is known as the registrant.
Why do I need to register a Domain Name?
A Domain Name is Internet address. It is your own unique identity on the web. It identifies you and your business to millions of people worldwide. When you register your Domain name, you are one of those million others who are flourshing from the rewards of internet
How can I find if the web address of my need is available? 
It is easy to find out if the name you want is available or not.Simply enter the name of the domain you want for yourself in the space provided in the home page. Select the .com/ .net/.org  which you want and then click'Look Up' we will check if the name you want is available or not and you can view the results of your search on the page which is next displayed.
Is this domain registered world wide or limited to a specific area? 
The domain registered with is just like any other domain registered via say NetworkSolutions OR Internic and are registered world wide.
What is the "http://www" in my Domain Name? 
It is part of another type of internet address used on the World Wide Web called a Universal Resource Locator(URL). A URL is used to describe the exact location of a specific resource on the Internet such as a specific web page, computer and database. www and http://www are not considered to be a part of your Domain name.
What is the meaning of "hosting" my Domain Name?
Every Domain Name must reside on a host computer. This is called a Domain Name Server. Domain name servers are connected to the internet and use special software to translate Domain Names into numerical IP addresses (Internet Protocol Numbers) used by the internet.When Internet users enter your Domain name address into their Web Browser, the Domain Name server directs them to your Website. Without it, your Domain name is invisible on the internet.
What are the components of a domain name?
Top level domains ----- A domain name consists of two or more words separated by a period. The last word (the far right) is called a "top-level domain". Here are some common top-level domains and their use: 
.COM - Used for commercial entities. It is the most popular top-level domain. Anyone can register a .com domain. 
.NET - Originally used for networking organizations such as Internet Service Providers and backbone providers. Today, anyone can register a .net domain. 
.ORG - Designed for miscellaneous organizations, including non-profit groups. Today, anyone can register a .org domain.
How long can a domain name be and what are the restrictions? 
A domain can have a maximum of 67 characters including the extensions (.com, .net, .org). A domain name can contain numbers (0-9), letters (a-z) or a dashes (-). A domain can not start or end with a dash (-). A domain cannot have characters such as (! @#$%&? ~: _).
I have a domain elsewhere, can I move it to you?
Yes you can, just repoint to our nameservers.
If I apply for a domain name then, do I have to renew my annual fees before expiry of the period every year?Is there no block registration for life?
 Yes you will be sent a reminder. If you do not renew, the domain will simply become available again. There is no block registration, currently you can register for a maximum of 10 years.
Will my name and contact information be publicly available? 
When I register a domain name how long does it take to activate and use it?
After we receive the payment from the registrant the process takes upto 48 hrs to fully take effect and show up on a whois querry. Even though the name does not show up on a querry, it is reserved for the registrant and cannot be used by anyone else. Though as a safety it will take 3-4 days to confirm the registration of the name after the payment is received from the registrant
What can I use my domain name for? 
You can use your domain name for anything you wish. However if the website is hosted on our servers, we can remove the website if we find it to contain offensive material.
How do I renew my Domain name after it's expiry?
When any of the Domain names that you have registered come up for renewal, you will receive an email notification one month prior to the renewal date at the email address you have specified in your contact information.
I have decided that I do not want the Web Address (domain name) that I have registered. Can I get a refund?
No, Domain name registration fees cannot be refunded.However you can choose not to renew, when the initial 1-year registration period is up.
Is there any discount you are providing for bulkregister?
Yes, we do have a resellers plan, see it in the resellers package.  
Can I register my family name?
Yes, and it's becoming increasingly popular to do so. Many people register their own name in order to set up email addresses for themselves and other family members. 
Why do I need to register all domain names?
 Because Domain names are crucial to your online plans you should seriously consider securing all domain names. Here are three reasons: 

1)Awareness : Domain names not only heighten awareness and therefore brand loyalty but also increase brand name recall.You get maximum awareness by owning all available domain names. 

2)Protection : Anyone can register any name if it is first come first served therefore someone could register your company name. You get maximum protection by owning all available domains.

3) Presence : Securing a .com, .net or .org would allow you to target international customers. You get maximum presence by owning all available domains

Are there any hidden charges?
No. once the domain has been registered there is just an annual charge to cover the renewal management services and registration fees required by the registration bodies (the first year is covered in your initial registration). We will notify you a month earlier once payment is due twelve months after your registration.
What is web Forwarding? 
If you have registered a domain name there is a strong likelyhood that you will wish touse this name as a location for your website. Web forwarding allows us to point your domain to a particular site hosted elsewhere on the internet e.g. on free space provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  
Who is the Administrative Contact? 
The Administrative Contact is the person or organization authorized by the domain name registrant to act on behalf of the legal entity listed as the owner of the domain name. The Administrative Contact should be able to answer non-technical questions about the legal entity's plans for using the domain name and the procedures for establishing sub-domains.
Who is the Billing Contact?
The Billing Contact is the person or organization who will be invoiced for registrations and renewals of the domain name.
Who is the Technical Contact?
Generally, the Technical Contact is the person or organization who maintains the domain name registrant's primary name server, resolves software, and database files. The Technical Contact person keeps the name server running and interacts with technical people in other domains to solve problems that affect the domain name.
What is the InterNIC fee for domain registration?
The InterNIC charges $70 to register a new domain name. This fee covers the first two years. They currently bill at a rate of $35 per year. The InterNIC will send you an invoice via email 3-6 weeks after the domain is registered.
Why is it so important to register a domain name for my company?
The reason is simple: Instant Name Recognition. The use of a domain name makes it easier for potential customers to find you on the Internet. It also looks good to your regular clientele, as it adds a personal touch to your address.

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