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Does Sofact provide CGI scripts?
We will provide some Plug N Play Scripts. You need not to be a programmer to use these.
My CGI scripts are not working!
There are several reasons why your CGI script is not working:
Your script is generating an error. In this case, you must check the error log. Please visit The Error Log Utility to see any errors that your site is generating.

You do not have CGI enabled for your site. Please see the question Can I use CGI on my website?

You have uploaded your CGI script in BINARY mode. Please use ASCII mode when uploading your CGI scripts.

Your file permisions on your script have not been set. You must change the file permissions on any CGI programs to be world-readable and world-executable. Your FTP client most likely has an option to change the file permissions (or CHMOD). Just set the permissions on that file to 755, or Owner Read & Execute, Group Read & Execute, and World Read & Execute.

What languages can I use for my CGI scripts?
Perl and Shell Scripting are available for CGI scripting. You can learn more about Perl by visiting the Perl website. 
Where is Perl located on the web server?
Perl 5.004_04 can be found as /usr/bin/perl.
Where is Sendmail located on the web server?
Sendmail 8.8.7 can be found as /usr/sbin/sendmail
Where is the date command located on the web server?
date can be found as /bin/date
Where is my directory actually located on the web server?
Your home directory is /home/users/vdssudh/yourdir, where yourdir is your home directory name.
Can I use imagemaps on my website?
Yes you can. Please refer to the Imagemaps Under Apache tutorial for more information.
Can I protect parts of my site with passwords?
Access control lists, or password protection, is automatically enabled on your website by default.
How do I protect parts of my site with passwords?
Please read the How to Implement Access Control Lists tutorial. It will detail what files you must create in order to implement ACL. You do not need Unix access to implement these files - simply use the Password Encryption tool to generate the encrypted passwords (instead of htpasswd -c)
Can I use FrontPage extensions on my site?
Can I use Server Side Includes on my site?
Yes you can useServer Side Includes (SSI).
Are there stats available for my site?
Yes. stats are available on request
Are databases available for use on the web server?
Why can't I establish a FTP connection with the web server?
One problem may be that your hostname  and your IP address don't match. Check out the Forward/Reverse Lookup Utility.
Can I host other sites on my own hosted site?
Yes, you can

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