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Over Utilize Money

True Value of Money

Had you ever got your 1-Rupee coin

You often found Senior people (like your grand-pa) saying  "Hamare zamane mein to ..." . They might have amazed you by telling that they had bag full of mangos for One-Rupee.
At that time value of One-Rupee was great.
but now things are different. World is changed. Do you remember that when you had utilized your one rupee. pretty hard isn't it ?.
what will you do if you have one rupee
You will buy one cold drink ( shared by 9 other people having 1 rupee each)
You will have a biscuit packet ( shared with 5 others)
You will have coffee with your ..... ( no no no...  you can't afford to share).
Is there any thing in the world you can have, without having to share ... with one rupee.

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