Smooth out the Frizzies

If you visit enough salons, you quickly find out that the lionís share of products are heavily marked up over retail. And on already pricey items promoting a frizz-free or straightened lifestyle, they know youíll pay the premium. But it doesnít have to be like that anymore! Enter beauty websites like Frizzy2Silky, where super high-end products are available for us all at a standard price that we can live with. Take, for example, celebrity haircolorist Nelson Chanís ISH Ionic Rescue products (a favorite of Sarah Michelle Gellar, InStyle, and Essence). They have that signature red cross that reminds you of, well, the Red Cross. Haircare to the rescue! The products help to tame gnarly and damaged hear from regular wear-and-tear: blow-drying, summer sun, chemical process, and general abuse. No more fancy-schmancy Beverly Hills salons with the attitude. Just point and click plus you get free shipping with orders over $100 and a free gift with purchase.

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