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Inexpensive web designing


Web Designing  @ Swami's Sofactinexpensive web designing yet professional web designing with DHTML javascript flash animation


No. of Pages Fee per year Setup Fee
10 3650 Rs / 120$ Nill
Above 10 3650 + 350 Rs/Page or 120$ + 10 $/Page Nill


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YES Web page for just 1 Rupee per day or 1 $ per month
These charges include web hosting, web designing, setup, name registration (yourcompany.sofact.com). i.e. everything needed for homepage.

Website Development
HTML Page Development
A custom look and feel, which can be made to match current design of your company letterhead, brochures, etc
(Text & Graphics files must be supplied by e-mail or in computer file format)

Generic Theme Development
We will develop theme for your site as per your needs.

Graphical Enhancements:
Scanning of images, enhancement and compression
Image Editing
Animation/Flash clip
Persantation for your company (Power Point & Flash)

Web Programming
Fill-in forms (guestbooks, online order forms, tell a friend etc.)
Application Software Development & Support.
CGI/PHP/Java Script Installation & Integration into website.
Server Maintenance & Technical Support services.
Click here for more details on web programming

E- Commerce
Shopping Cart
Order Form
Secure Server
Third Party Merchant account to accept credit cards on your Online Store.

To give your site best look and functionality we utilize the power of 

Perl CGI
Macromedia Flash
Paint Shop Pro
Photo Shop

For more info e-mail dreampage@sofact.com
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